Webinar Recording — IP Prosecution Workflow: Automating Compliance with Outside Counsel Guidelines

FOCUS ON: IP Prosecution Workflow — Automating Compliance with Outside Counsel Guidelines

In a world where remote working has become more commonplace, it’s become harder to rely on a single person in the office who knows and enforces clients’ outside counsel guidelines.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to prosecute matters while enforcing compliance with OCGs and client-specific reporting requirements, Aurora North PracticeLink offers new functionality that fits the bill.

At this event, part two of a three-part series, we demonstrated how the product’s new workflow capabilities enable firms to translate client-defined guidelines, delivery deadlines, reporting and notification requirements into streamlined, automated, electronic execution.

Working with a broad selection of clients, we’ve created software purpose-built to address the specific needs of IP lawyers, IP operational staff, and secretaries. In this webinar we show how with PracticeLink workflow capabilities, firms can:

  • Translate client OCGs and requirements into defined workflows for streamlined execution
  • Identify and flag where client policy differs from standard firm practices on a per-client or per-matter level, to effectively navigate exceptions management
  • Automate task assignment, internal reminders, and client-facing reporting/updates

PracticeLink is changing the face of IP prosecution. Watch this session to learn how.

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