IP Practice Assessment

Assessing and improving IP prosecution management

Fresh IP Insight

Technology alone is never enough to make your practice more efficient

At Aurora North, we have in-depth expertise in IP practice management. We offer IP prosecution assessments to evaluate law firm IP infrastructure, staffing approach, culture and business processes, and identify opportunities within the practice for improving operational efficiency, risk mitigation and client service.

Our consultants are specialists who understand the business processes, policies and technology infrastructure required in a modern IP practice, as well as the staffing models and training programs necessary for success in a rapidly changing business environment.

IP Analysis In Action

We will examine your firm’s current operational infrastructure, processes and procedures from the following four perspectives:

  • Client Experience
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Risk Reduction
  • Regulatory Compliance

Our analysis is based on industry best practices, taking into consideration your firm’s specific business objectives, operational structure, culture and organizational resources. We will make recommendations on adopting new technology or changing your existing infrastructure to strengthen protection of patents and trademarks and streamline client service delivery. But our insights extend well beyond IT matters. 

Client Pressures on IP

As competition for IP advisory work intensifies, fresh evaluation of your IP infrastructure, staffing and business processes could be critical to your firm’s long-term success.

Aggressive timelines and pricing pressures have made it untenable to continue inefficient practices such as relying on staff to perform administrative tasks that can be automated. Lack of consistency in docketing practices can put lawyers and clients at risk of missing deadlines — and put your firm at significant risk, including client loss and malpractice claims.

Practical, Tactical Results and Recommendations

Based on a series of stakeholder interviews, Aurora North will document and review your current operational processes and procedures, as well as your current technology infrastructure. In addition, we will examine departmental policies, governance and staffing, and personnel roles and responsibilities. In our analysis, we will identify the strengths and opportunities for growth and positive impact across each of these areas. 

Finally, we will propose a strategy to achieve your operational objectives, including recommendations for how to automate and centralize key processes for maximum efficiency, strengthen policies and procedures in compliance with requirements set by the USPTO as well as your firm’s insurance carrier, and ensure that the right people are doing the right work. 

Where applicable, we will also make recommendations on how your firm can use technology to integrate disparate systems (including paper-based documents) within your firm, more tightly integrate with the USPTO, and collaborate more closely with foreign associates and clients. Our recommendations will be tailored to your firm’s organizational culture and values. By streamlining your IP practice, your firm will also be better positioned to reduce risk and scale quickly if needed to support future growth.

Scope of Assessment

Our IP Prosecution Assessments are based on a series of interviews with key managers, staff, attorneys and practice leadership. Interviews are typically conducted on-site over two to three days, exploring the following subject areas:

  • Organizational Structure and Culture
  • Document Intake Practices
  • Docketing Operations
  • Support and Training Approaches
  • Prosecution Procedures
  • Records Management
  • Client Billing Process and Fee Management
  • Outside Counsel Guidelines
  • Communication and Access to Information
  • Opportunities for Firm and IP Practice Growth