Conference Recording — IP: Strategies for Convincing Management to Invest in Change

Today, many operational leaders understand the potential benefits and return on investments in new technology, new staffing models and new approaches to IP prosecution. But given the history and dynamics in play within many IP practices, securing lawyer and management buy-in to make those investments, even at an experimental level, can be difficult to secure.

This session will focus on navigating these issues and changing this equation. Attendees will hear from a panel of experts who will share real world stories about how to:

  • Create a compelling business case and internal narrative to explore change
  • Assemble a “Coalition of the Willing” to be the early adopters and prove the potential return
  • Taking early results and lesson to refine approach and advance a more substantial journey
  • Repeating this process and building on success

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Brian Aitchison
Director, Aurora North

Stacy Shaw
IP Operations Manager, Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney