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PracticeLink® Centralize

Protecting Intellectual Property is a complex, resource and risk-intensive activity. Managing the people, policies, activities and information that go into the process shouldn’t be.

PracticeLink Centralize provides a “one stop” work portal — integrating separate applications and information (including docketing, documents, email, invoices, financials, notes and more).

PracticeLink Centralize A centralized view into matter activity, tasks and deadline, and the tools to execute work

The heart of our PracticeLink Suite, Centralize not only gives lawyers and staff the right information for the activity at hand at each stage of the matter lifecycle, but also the tools for executing those tasks effectively. Role-specific dashboards provide visibility across matters, including clear insight into upcoming tasks based on applicable deadlines and firm-defined rules.

It also integrates critical information from various systems, and automatically propagates updates made in the portal across downstream business applications and systems.

And for organizations seeking even greater productivity, the solution enables firms to support remote work by lawyers and staff. In addition to providing all the tools they need in one place, PracticeLink Centralize offers detailed reporting, metrics and insight necessary for measuring productivity.

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